Assured delivery:

At My Health Pharmacy it is our endeavor to fulfill your prescription in its entirety. Our state-of-the-art inventory management and stocking practices are fully geared up to deliver on this promise. At My Health, we will do our very best to procure and deliver the drug to you within a 6 hour window.

Right storage for optimum drug stability:

Drug stability, an important quality parameter depends on storage temperature and the duration between manufacturing and consumption. At My Health, we buy the latest stock and right from purchase to warehouse to pharmacy, the drugs are stored at the optimum recommended temperatures. For you this ensures that the drugs that you buy at My Health Pharmacy retain their stability.

Qualified and professional pharmacists:

The recruitment policies at My Health are fully geared to hiring only the best pharmacy graduates. These graduates undergo stringent training program in globally defined Good Pharmacy Practices. For you this makes available a resource that not just dispenses medicines but also someone who can guide you on medication management and much more. In fact they become your personal partners in managing your health.

Highest prescription accuracy:

Our qualified and professionally trained pharmacists supported by knowledge database ensure highest prescription accuracy when they dispense drugs to you. Their knowledge of molecules, therapies and doctor specializations helps them in weeding out errors due to misreading of handwriting, prescription filling error due to similar sounding names etc., so that you can be rest assured that your health is in good hands.

Home delivery:

We provide free Home delivery service. Drugs are best consumed when they are fresh. It's important to maintain regularity in consuming some chronic drugs. So, for Chronic patients, we are committed to deliver one strip at a time to their homes at the right time.

Sensitivity to customer needs:

We recognize that customers might feel uncomfortable to ask gender specific items to the person of opposite gender. So, we created a personal corner in our pharmacies to stock gender specific items.